Photo of the  day

The picture of the day is of the clouds.. The clouds looked so beautiful as I was travelling,  I had to take numerous pictures.  This is one of the proofs that God is real. His creations are wonderfully  and beautifully made (this includes me 😉)  Enjoy the photos and feel a little of what I … Continue reading Photo of the  day

Bus chronicles

I almost missed my bus stop!!!! 😧😧😂 I usually never bring out my phone talk less of listen to music on the bus, but I did that today.  I also topped it by playing a game. This would’ve been nice if I entered the small buses that call all the bus stops (although I doubt … Continue reading Bus chronicles


Just read a post on my cousins blog here about suicide, so I decided to put in my two cents on the issue. It is common knowledge that people have been jumping into rivers to kill themselves this year in Nigeria… It’s like one person did it and it triggered others that may have been battling suicidal … Continue reading Suicide