The concept of “how are you? ” 

9 thoughts on “The concept of “how are you? ” ”

  1. For all its worth I feel , its what the Nigerian mentality has been defaulted with. Truth is , must times I feel this way, mostly when am in an irritable mood.

    One can also attribute it to sadonic tendencies from the receiver of the greeting(How are you). The reason been that just because some things aren’t show off doesn’t mean they don’t exist as thus. So you telling me “how are you”, may seen insulting to me , knowing fully well that, in my mind, we may and aren’t on the same page /level (this is the pride part talking lol).

    I could go on and on talking about this, but in the real sense its all relative as perspectives varies amongst individuals

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  2. I feel that way most times too. ” How are you” kind of makes me feel like a child, or plain inferior. It’s just a mentality and now that I think of it, it seems to be wrong.

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  3. “How are you? How do you do?”
    These are variants of very honest inquiries about our well-being.
    I’d be really bothered if someone took offence because I asked them the simple, honest question.
    Well, as Nigerians our society is difficult with these kinds of salutations. Best to avoid riling up the next elderly person.

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  4. Hahahaha, This is a new one! I don’t see “How are you” as demeaning, I think it’s a bit cliché though and people many times say it mindlessly so I instead try to vary my greetings a couple of times by instead saying, How are you today? What’s happening in your life? I try to ask questions that would make the other party talk more and share more about what’s happening around them or to them.
    Most people just reply Fine or good to How are you and they think a conversation is going to emanate from nowhere. Lol ! I’m done ranting.


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