Insomniac Musings 

7 thoughts on “Insomniac Musings ”

  1. Nice! Smart money woman, I guess I haven’t gravitated to that book because it’s primary target audience is women but then I know it’s financial education and that applies to everyone, so hopefully, soon I’d read it when I’m in the financial education thirsty mode.

    “What nobody tells you when you go for NYSC is that you are going to be faced with a lot of free time it ends up being ridiculous ”
    Lol, so true but I think I was hinted but my flat mate wasn’t or rather he chose to believe that time would fly fast, the guy was frustrated like every day, always complaining that he was bored.

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    1. The first two chapters made me think about my finances or lack of finances. Very insightful book… You should read the book.
      By the way, you wrote on your blog how you were doing extra lessons, I’m gravitating towards that part and I need advice on how to advertise my self and all


      1. Ohh Great, I had read many Robert Kiyosaki’s books up to the point where I felt a bit saturated with financial education knowledge, my final year project was even in something related to that, I looked at the relationship between financial education and wealth creation.
        I would read it soon though, it’s been a long while since I read something financial education related.
        About the lesson, well It fell on me, I was approached by a church member to do that but then regarding your, case I’d just say open your eyes and speak up about your willingness to do so in public places e.g Church, also to friends.
        if you’re an open person you can make a social media post about it.


      2. Thank you. I read Robert kiyosakis books as a child. I really don’t know why and cannot remember anything for the life of me but I totally understand.😁😁


  2. I’ve always found reading financial education books very difficult, same with most motivational books. I feel they say so much of what everyone inherently knows, that they end up being a waste of time.


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