My Book review :Americanah

8 thoughts on “My Book review :Americanah”

  1. I get why anyone could have problems with the story ending. Though you kind of took it personal lol. In all I regard it a beautiful book, I love her writing style a lot, and the story was cool. At least I didn’t stop midway.
    I know a lot of African books you could like, but none seems to be coming to me now. Moreover I don’t know which you’ve read.
    Quick question..
    You rated this book 6. Which African book have you read that you think merits 8?

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    1. Lol 😊😊😊😁😁😁.. I know I took it personal.. I like Chimamanda very much though. Buchi Emecheta’s joys of motherhood merits an 8.. I love Chimamanda’s purple hibiscus very much though
      Thank you for the comment, I appreciate it.


  2. I found this really interesting as you analyzed it in a different light.
    I particularly love Chimamanda’s writing style and Americanah’s storyline was so vast and captivating for me. From Obama’s election, natural hair, immigration issues and the whole lot, I enjoyed every bit of the book.
    The end was quite annoying to me as well😡…you said it all. Wish it ended differently but it is what it is.
    Great review I must say. 😊

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    1. Someone just made me realise that for a book to be good, the readers can have conflicting emotions. The fact that there is cause for uproar after reading the book proves it’s a good book. I really loved the fact about her natural hair, blogging etc. Although she should have just left blaine since and found someone else… Thank you for the comment… I appreciate it 😘😊


  3. Though I also disagree with the way the book ends but I think what the book is tying to convey is the power of First love and most especially when the the lovers got separated against their wish.

    Though the sceneario protrays in the book may be difficult to happen in an African culture due to the emphasis we put on marriage institution but still case like this(man leaving his wife to go back to his first love) is still happening in our immediate society.

    I rate the book 7/10.

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    1. I totally understand and agree that the scenario is more common in our society than we’ll like to acknowledge. 😁😁😁. Thanks ismail. I appreciate the comment.


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